Let Truth Be Told

Work in the area of acceptance, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others pivots on truth. More specifically, if we are to be accepting of ourselves and others, we must embrace, promote, and live a life committed to truth. This isn’t easy in a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” I recently ran across two webpages I’d like to endorse in the name of truth. One is an opinion piece, “How to fine-tune your BS meter,” written for the Seattle Times by Jevin West, Co-Director of the DataLab in the Information School at University of Washington. The other offers a list of reputable fact-checking sites you can use. This site was created and is maintained by Michael A. Caulfield, Director of Blended and Networked Learning at Washington State University. His work, Web Literacy for Student Fact-checkers, just won the MERLOT 2018 Classics Award for exemplary learning materials. Is there something in the water in the State of Washington–something we might all want to be drinking?

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